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Eye of The Keeper is a comic book series made for a global audience. At its core, it is a story of personal achievement and redefined heroism. It is simply a story that must be told.

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Eye of The Keeper Ashcan Update + Entire Series
The Ashcan is an amazing piece of work. The new stories, and Dheeraj Verma's 2001 pencils are what make it so good. As for the entire EOTK series? The writing is done. Any further edits (if necessary) will happen during the art process, and before printing of each issue. That is how it's done. Bring it!

Eye of The Keeper Ashcan Update
It's in production, slowly but surely. Behind the scenes a lot goes on, including all sorts of challenges. We're building momentum and getting things done.

Final Edits In Progress For Eye Of The Keeper
The final pass in the editing process is done on printouts. These are corrections and minor rewrites, along with new dialogue and captions as needed. Plus the Ashcan has new prequel stories.

Eye of The Keeper Limited Ashcan Edition 2023
Pre Orders are open. Eye of The Keeper Limited Edition Ashcan Comic Book Is A Tribute To The Late Dheeraj Verma, and a prelude to Issue #1. It also features the poiganant works of Ariel Iacci, Kiro, and more.

Thank you for attending MCX2022!
Thank you to everyone for attending our table at Mississauga Comic Expo. It was great meeting you! :-) There's more to come with Eye of The Keeper, and Grain. If you'd like to follow our progress, subscribe @ Some incredible content is on the way...

I'll be at MCX 2022
Hey Folks! That's the Mississauga Comic Expo at The Living Arts Centre on Sunday October 16th from 10am-4pm. There will be an exclusive set of very limited prints for Eye of The Keeper, only available that day. Come on by for loads of comic book goodness. Sun Oct 16, 10am-4pm, Free Admission. Address: Living Arts Centre, 4141 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga. Free Underground Parking, Or park at Square One shopping mall and walk over.

Script of The Keeper
In the deep editing and rewrite phase. Adding some special touches to the visuals. Laying all the groundwork for this event storyline.

Life of The Keeper
The Keeper's Skullblades crackle in anticipation of a completion date. It's coming together at turtle speed.

Eye of The Keeper
This story has been in the works for close to 30 years. It's evolved into something with its own identity. Let's see how this plays out.

Grain Issue #1 launches Sep 3rd, 2019
Hey folks! Grain Issue #1 launches Sep 3rd, 2019 on It's about a sand child and his trusty bubble dealing with the aftermath of war. Please check it out. There will be some very cool exclusive rewards available until Oct 3rd.

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